Online Translation Services Agency

LinguaVox is a professional translation agency with offices in Europe and the United States. Since starting out in 2000, LinguaVox has become one of the leading technical translation companies in Europe and the US and offers online translation services into more than 150 languages, from European languages to minority and exotic Asian and African languages.

Quality and customer satisfaction have always been our top priorities. Our translation agency is proud to serve an ever increasing number satisfied clients. Last year, more than 1,000 international clients trusted in LinguaVox as their language services provider for translations into 74 target languages, and more than 360 target language native translators and proofreaders worked for our European and US translation companies.

As part of our continuous quality improvement process, we have two quality certifications:  ISO17100 for our Translation Service and ISO9001 for our Project Management system.  LinguaVox is one of the very first European translation agencies to offer a double quality certification.

Online Translation Services in 150 languages

We translate into a range of specialisms and only use specialist, experienced translators: We offer:

  • document translation
  • website translation
  • scientific and technical translation,
  • pharmaceutical and medical translation,
  • legal translation
  • sworn and certified translation
  • patent translation
  • videogame and software localization
  • multimedia translation (subtitling, dubbing, voice-over), and multilingual desktop publishing.

online translation services agency